Renowned for her bubbly, driven, and contagiously high energy, Renee Buckingham is the ultimate powerhouse of creativity and productivity. 

Her days are never the same, starting as early as 3:45 a.m. with producing breakfast radio, followed by a gym session or a class. Lunchtime finds her enjoying something delicious while working on editing, emails, and content.  Afternoons are filled with filming for her vegan food guides or podcasting, often ending with a class or a sauna session. 

Renee’s approach to fitness is all about diversity, incorporating strength training, lifting, sweaty burn classes, and run club sessions. Her passion for improvisation and the arts fuels her creativity, while her foodie adventures make her a walking, talking encyclopedia of great dining spots across cities. Her style is casual and effortless, often seen in hoodies, short skirts, and sneakers, with minimal makeup and her signature sunnies.

Discover more about Renee’s energetic life in the YOU-NITED journal on our website through her detailed Q+A.

1. If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

2. What is a typical day in your life?
The days are always different. Most people ask how I do so much in a day and often, I think the same.
A Monday looks a little something like:
Producing Breakfast radio with a 3:45am alarm followed by gym or a class, then something delicious for lunch whilst I work on editing, emails and content from a cafe. Often Then usually filming content for my vegan guides or podcasting in the afternoon followed by a class or sauna. I love cooking with friends or at home. You can see a recent DITL with Upstate HERE.

3. What is your favourite way to move your body?
Diversity! I used to only stick to one style but more lately I am loving changing it up. Strength training and lifting has been a big focus for me balanced out with a sweaty burn class or a runclub run.

4. What are your passions / hobbies?
I love improvisation and the arts. For me performance and play is key to longevity! I am also such a foodie and love dinner parkings. I am a walking, talking encyclopedia or where to eat good food across cities.

5. Describe your day to day uniform.
I keep it casual, usually always rocking a hoodie, short skirts and sneakers. I barely wear makeup and just throw on blush and bronzer. For me, my accessory item is SUNNIES! Trust me on that one.