Get to know Madi and what she loves about the new Upstate Sport range.

Tell us about your role at Upstate? 

Upstate Box Sequence Trainer & Instructor Mentor

What is your favourite way to move and sweat at Upstate? 
I love to balance it out in all three disciplines. Boxing for cardio, reformer for strength and hot mat for building the burn and stretching it all out.

What is a goal you'd like to achieve in 2022?
Travel. It would be nice to get back on a plane again and explore this gorgeous country or the world again.

Tell us about your favourite piece in the new collection (patterned set and chopped crews) and why?
The Sand Cropped Crew. Lightweight, loose fitting and great staple piece to the fitness wardrobe.

What is most important to you when choosing activewear? 
Comfort. I want it to hug my curves and feel seamless.

Favourite song to workout to?
An element of my job is creating the boxing playlists, so I listening to quite eclectic range in music genres. Deep drops and beats in the boxing studio always seems to make me hit harder.

Favourite coffee spot?
Fitzroy Local: Stagger Lees and Industry Beans
Melbourne: Turtle (Elwood)
Geelong: Born and Bread Bakehouse

Favourite local eats?
Fitzroy: Rice Paper Scissors
Melbourne: Brother Shota
Geelong: Frankies

Favourite podcast?
Do you F*cking Mind? Alexis Fernandez
Mindset hacks to live the most badass life.