Upstate Crew: Meet Stuey

Upstate Crew: Meet Stuey

Meet Stuey!

Our rockstar Boxing and Pilates instructor from Melbourne. 

Get to know Stuey and what he loves about the new Upstate Sport range!

Tell us about what class styles teach, how you started teaching and what you enjoy the most about it?

I teach Pilates and Boxing. I started my mat Pilates teacher training during the lockdown because I was doing upstate zoom classes twice (sometimes three times) a day. I was loving it so much and ended up taking my footy team for a few zoom classes which went really well and realised I’d love to teach in studio when upstate was to open up again. My favourite part about teaching is watching members improve and get stronger from class to class. I also love pumping the music in studio, singing along and creating an amazing energy to workout in.

What is your favourite way to move and sweat? 

There’s no better sweat than working out in the hot room. I sweat the most in a Box Hiit class when the music is loud, arms are firing for the entire 30 seconds of sprint punches.

Tell us about your favourite product in the Upstate Sport launch collection and why? 

The hoodie! Amazing design. Super comfortable. Perfect to pair with a pair of jeans when I’m out n about or over my active wear on those cold winter mornings.

What is most important to you when choosing activewear? 

Quality product and material that doesn’t show sweat. The upstate range for guys is all black and amazing quality.

From the Upstate Sport range, which pieces would you recommend for Pilates?

The muscle tank top is the perfect top for pilates. I personally love black muscle tank singlets that fit well.

What do you do to help find your upstate of mind?

I always take time at the start of each class or even before each class I do, to lie down on my mat or reformer bed and breath. I like to set an intention before each class. This helps me find my Upstate of mind each time I work out.

Do you have any daily rituals? (e.g daily movement, daily meditation etc etc) 

Intermittent fasting is my only daily ritual.

Favourite song to workout to?

Let’s get loud - J-Lo. (This is also my favourite song to DJ)

Favourite coffee spot?

The Wall Two 80

Favourite brunch spot?

Las Chicas (The brekky Burrito)

Favourite podcast?

What The Flux - ‘bite-sized business news’