Upstate Crew: Meet Kate

Upstate Crew: Meet Kate

Meet Kate!

Our Pilates, Yoga and Boxing rockstar instructor from Geelong.

Get to know Kate and what she loves about the new Upstate Sport range!

Tell us about what class styles teach, how you started teaching and what you enjoy the most about it?

I teach our Mat Pilates classes, Box HIIT, Upstate Box and Hot Yoga. I was a student for years before I became an Instructor at Upstate, I was always, and still am, addicted to the sweat, there’s nothing else like it! I started teaching because I'm excited by exercising and love helping others to be excited by it also. It’s the best feeling when you learn something new, or push yourself to see what your body and mind is capable of doing.

What is your favourite way to move and sweat? 

I would have to say Upstate Box - it’s a viiiiiiibe! You feel like you’re in a club with the music and lights. Everything else stops mattering and you just focus on the bag, the beats and energy in the room.

Tell us about your favourite product in the Upstate Sport launch collection and why?

I’m a big fan of an oversized tee!! The unisex tees are amazing, comfortable yet stylish. Chuck it over my sports bra and leggings, add some chunky white runners and I’m good to go to the gym or brunch.

What is most important to you when choosing activewear? 

Comfort - I love feeling good in what I wear.

From the Upstate Sport range, which pieces would you recommend for Boxing? 

The Power Up Legging and Sports Crop. It’s supportive, sweat wicking and looks badass.

What do you do to help find your upstate of mind?

I try and find some time for myself. This is usually a class, run, walk, hot bath or reading a book.

Do you have any daily rituals? (e.g daily movement, daily meditation etc etc)

If taking naps with my 2 cats is counted as a ritual - then yes.

Favourite Instagram pages that you follow?

For a laugh I love the Inspired Unemployed and Brown Cardigan.

Favourite song to workout to?

There’s so many! Love me some 00s dance classics for HIIT like Benny Benassi “Satisfaction” , Public Domain “Operation Blade”, Eric Prydz “Pjanoo”. I also love to support and work out to Aussie artists like Dom Dolla,The Presets and Golden Features.

Favourite coffee spot?

Neck of the Woods on Myers St in Geelong - thery’e coffee is bangin. Also the Montanna coffee van is amazing!

Favourite brunch spot?

I love trying new spots, especially along Pakington St. Sodi, 9 Grams and Winters do a yummy brunch. Give me some scrambled eggs with halloumi and I’m sold.

Favourite podcast? 

I love crime podcasts! A couple of faves about con artists are “Unravel True Crime: Snowball” and “The Australian: Who the Hell is Hamish”. Definitely worth listening to.